Love Scandal! (EXO Fanfic)

Love Scandal! (EXO Fanfic)

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✖ SKT T1 Bang ✖ By KimchiiDesu Completed

I was the luckiest girl for having been invited backstage by an EXO member, Xiumin! But who would've thought that after a month a certain rumor started to  spread throughout the internet world.

The rumor that I was secretly dating Xiumin! Now the sasaengs are after me. The SME Company has come to the decision to let me be in the entertainment business to save my neck. 

But having do so I have to be in a fake relationship with Xiumin! Just how on earth am I going to do this?! 

*WARNING : Reading this Fanfic may result to having Xiumin reach your bias list. I repeat, Xiumin might reach your bias list. 

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Really?! You have A LOT of fans. And I'm sad. I'm... just... a normal girl. Never been to your concert and never met you personally. Just dreaming to meet you, someday. Or maybe not. Oh well! I'll be always here to support you!
Kanesha13 Kanesha13 Nov 07
Wait what? How is this the end of the story?!?!? I swear there were way more chapters!!!
cheline16 cheline16 Nov 12
Eunji eonni , my favourite eonnie among all eonnis !
                              She's my idol ! I even listened to every single song she has .
                              사랑해요 언니 !!!
Icaughtyou Icaughtyou Aug 29
My second time reading this and Xiumin made the top of my bias list.
Wow it really is horrible to see fellow "exo-ls" be this rude to each other 😡😡😡
GxldenMxnae GxldenMxnae Jul 23
I can Already Tell This Fanfic is Gonna Full of Emotions @konnichiwa_bxtch