The Billionaire's Heart. (A Cursed Marriage) (Editing)

The Billionaire's Heart. (A Cursed Marriage) (Editing)

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WARNING:- Not your typical billionaire love story.

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Think you've read all the greatest love stories, ever written? Then, take a look at this one!
"She is an angel." He muttered, under his breath. His breath hitched at the sight of her and he realised within that moment that he had fallen for this angel. 

But here's the "catch" guys, the girl, the billionaire fell in love with suffers from a brain disorder, known as Acquired DPD (Dependence Personality Disorder) and retrograde Amnesia, leaving her with the memories of her childhood and her mental state as that of only but a kid. Think he'd still love her? Well, yes! If anything it only increases to an extent that she's all that he cares about.
Two years back at the age of eighteen, Hazel Claire, the sole heiress of the Claire Industries met with a tragic accident, losing her mother and suffering a brain injury herself; taken care by her loving father. Now, two years later, her father, is on the verge of dying and wants someone to protect and care for her daughter, while he no longer can. That is when comes the Billionaire.

But beware for this billionaire is like no other and can have your world spinning and your heart melting every damn time...

RashmiGadekar4- You are a wonderful writer. I enjoyed this book very much. I have "laughed, cried and even became an emotional mess" throughout this book... Coz you took me on a beautiful road of emotions. Thank u so much for giving us an amazing and fantabulous book to read.

ambtiousintestine- this story is beautiful and one of a kind.

CutEandAwkwarD-Good? This is awesome! The concept is different from others which makes it awesome.

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MaryFahey MaryFahey May 31, 2017
Ashton means well but I wonder will his son be happy about it. Looking forward to meetin Hazel.
crazykajal crazykajal Jun 25, 2016
I read the intro now. I think she won't love her back. Oh god I'm such spoiler and curious. U can delete it okay
crazykajal crazykajal Jun 23, 2016
And I'm gonna kill if you don't update because I like them all. And u have left them on cliffhangers too
BeCa2801 BeCa2801 Dec 04, 2016
U think dis bk is good???
                              It's !more than good its amazing!
                              This is the first chapter I'm reading but I'm hooked plus it's different from the other arranged marriages where its for business etc.
crazykajal crazykajal Jun 23, 2016
Sure babe. I like it. Definitely looking forward for next chapter like how hazel behaves and Alex gonna bear or adore her
crazykajal crazykajal Jun 23, 2016
Actually now that I'm thinking for possibility I'm craving more