Short Stories (boyxboy)

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Short Stories: BOYXBOY
    1. A Neko And His Alpha Mate - Mika, a cute little Neko kitten, has disobeyed his big bad Alpha mate and needs punishing for it. Warning: BDSM, S&M
    2. A Special Visitor - Six weeks is a long time to spend away from the one you love. So what happens when Caden receives a surprise visit from a very special somebody? 
    3. My Big Brothers - Luke hates waiting with a passion. So when he finally gets to see his two big brothers after a whole four weeks of waiting to see them, he's ecstatic. Warning: Incest, Threesome
    4. Never Leave Me - Landon and Baily decide to break up after a few too many petty fights. But fate has other plans for the devoted couple, and after a serious accident, they finally realise that.
    5. It's A Three Player Game - Brody and Oliver have finally had enough of their best friend 'accidentally' walking in on them having sex. Warning: Threesome
    6. Always Yours - Caleb and Theo face the ultimate challenge of defeating all problems in their past lives and present personalities as they work towards creating a perfect, everlasting relationship. Warning: Abuse
    7. Age is Just a Number - Little Luka loves his big brother, but how much does Isaac love him? Warning: Incest, Age difference
    8. Payment - When it comes to Ayen and Dante, everything has a price.
    9. His New Toy - There's only one thing Benji wants from Oscar. To find out that Oscar wants just the same and more, has Benji speechless.
    10. Inseparable - Levi is trapped with a mate that doesn't want him but one thing leads to another and suddenly everything changes. Can Levi learn to forgive years of abuse?
so good but it would be better if it was girlxboy but whatever u like. ur the aurthor
I love nekos. I love werewolfs. I love boyxboy stories. Aka...... THIS IS PERFECT *faints*
hi can i ask you some thing. do you have account on asianfanfics? because I found same story except different character name. Here's the link
@sourwolf__ bdsm: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism
                                    S&M: sadism and masochism
BDSM is Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission then Sadism and Masochism :3
I just can't take not to read this part of the one shots over and over again! :3 I hope you make a STORY out of this one. :3