Special Secret Agents

Special Secret Agents

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Ajol_Llama✌👊 By Agent_Llama1824 Updated Nov 10, 2017

"Take this dyke! " Kai shouted while punching and kicking me merciless, I'm going numb my vision is starting to get blurry, 

He pick me up by my collar and threw me in the wall, I fell on the floor because of the impact

"What do you want huh?!  Dyke!  Why do you keep sticking around Krystal!!  Huh?!  " he said and shove me in the wall

"I-I-I-can't t-e-tell " I said breathlessly I made a promise not to tell... , he got more angry when he heard my answer,  he punched me in my face 5 times and kicked my stomach til I'm puking blood already, 

"Tell me! You m*ther f*cker!!  Because of you Krystal's attention is not me anymore!  It's you!!  So tell me!!  Or I'll kill you! " he shouted,  and bring out a knife, he pointed it in my throat. 

Taecyeon, Myungsoo, Minhyuk,and Leetuk,  stood they're shocked, they didn't expect kai to go overboard like this,

"Kai stop! don't do this!!  This is not the plan! " myungsoo said 

"Don't interfere! , come on dyke tell me!! "Kai said and I feel a sharp blade on my cheek. 

"Im-im krystal's sl-slave! " I said,  I lied,  I can't tell the truth that I'm her bodyguard, because the president, krystal's father will fire me

"Slave?!  Slave!!  Haahahaha!!! "Kai said as he let go of me , I fell down the floor with a bleeding cheek because he slightly cut it. 

"So that's why you always stick around her,  you're her f*ucking slave! Serves you right dyke! " he said,  and laughed

"W-hat are you gonna do to Krystal... " I said 

"We'll let's just say.. I'll just have some fun"he said and pulled me up again he looked at me dead in the eyes. 

"Don't interfere with this dyke.. Or you and your dumb family is going to die."he said,  when I heard he called my family dumb something clicked in me, 

"Don't ever call my family dumb! " I said angrily,  the scar on my back started to burn as hell, I closed my eyes not because of fear its is because of pain.. I felt my bruises starting to heal, I opened my eyes 

"Lights out" I said and smirked....

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_llama_bro_ _llama_bro_ Jul 27, 2016
Can't wait :D us the readers...will hopefully wait, atleast I am (thumbs up)