Help Me>> ErenxLevi

Help Me>> ErenxLevi

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보고싶어 💔I miss you By Kimdaddi Updated Oct 24, 2016

~ "h-help me, hes doing it again ..I don't know what to d-do help me.."

You could hear the voice of a another person on the other line saying it was gonna be alright ..

But eren not knowing the person hurting him was watching ~

Story is about a boy named eren and his lover Levi but what if the love they once had wasnt there no more . what will eren do ? Its always they same . will he give up or will he fight for Levi ..  Read to find out .

Author note : I do not own the characters from attack on titan this is only the use for entertainment and the fandom (; also I added more description in the first page of the book .

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