His Weakness✔

His Weakness✔

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Perri By -periwinkles- Completed

{Book 1 of the Weakness Trilogy}

"Welcome to the New Neverland."

"Neverland? You must be off your block, this is Storybrooke."

"Not anymore love."


Once upon a time, Peter Pan wanted to rule a kingdom. And he succeeded.

Once upon a time, Emma the Savior and Regina the Evil Queen managed to get their son back to safety. And they succeeded.

Once upon a time, Peter Pan tried to switch bodies with Henry. And he succeeded. 

Once upon a time, Peter Pan tried to make Storybrooke the new Neverland. And he succeeded. 

Once upon a time, Peter Pan tried his hardest not to fall in love with Evelina Frost.

And he failed.

//Peter Pan//


\\Ongoing Editing\\

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XCrystalShadowX XCrystalShadowX May 13, 2017
The cover has a blonde(?) girl with blue eyes who is standing in the snow. Her last name is Frost. This takes place in a realm were everyone is from a fairytale or story. Is she related to Jack Frost?
Avenger011 Avenger011 Nov 07, 2017
If she is related to Jack Frost, do you need to know the story of Jack Frost in order to not be confused?
shazada1 shazada1 Jul 13, 2017
I wanted to go to sleep, but f* ck this sh* t, my thoughts are filled with your books and I cant stop reading, am not even tired (gosh I sound crazy)
makken64 makken64 Jul 02, 2016
Omg!!! I love your neverland stories they are the best! Cant wait, keep up the good story writing!
Turtles3567 Turtles3567 Jul 01, 2016
OMG!!! This book has me already filed with suspense. Loving it so far, even though it just started. Please update
Itellmyselfsecrets97 Itellmyselfsecrets97 Jan 04, 2017
As in Jack Frost?? Is he her brother or something? They are all fairytales after all