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Alexi Franco By AlexiFranco Updated Jan 17

"W- who are you?" I asked mortified at the figure next to my door, but he didn't answer...he didn't even move a muscle.

I could only see what the light outside my window let me and it wasn't much but I could tell he was wearing all black and a white cat mask. Pulling the bed sheet closer to me I asked another question.

"Are you the person who has been sending me flowers?" This time I received a nod from him.

Sucking in my breath I started to slowly move my hand in the bed, looking for my cellphone. He notices what I'm doing and took something out of his pocket. 

He had my phone.

Iv'e seen enough home invasion movies to know where this is going...I'm going to die.

My name is Violet Stone and for sixteen years I've always been the new girl.

*Highest Ranked #11- in Mystery/Thriller*

*The story may be slow at first but still I hope you can enjoy and it has mature content*

AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 30, 2016
Just wanted to point out ''Violet you are crazy'' You might want to correct that when editing
AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 30, 2016 the dog he was chasing his tail... 
                              And in the last sentence it's more fitting to use the verb 'pet' then 'scratch'
symberella_ symberella_ Nov 01, 2016
I love that your book is mysterious yet funny at the same time!
AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 30, 2016
You should put a coma after '' An adventurer I see, but love maybe... 
                              ...may be good for going in the forest. '' 
                              It fits more.
AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 30, 2016
With me it's totally different. I am still in that phase when I look like a 12 year old boy. 
                              I want them boobies and them ass. And them curves. 
                              If ya' know what I mean. 
AnaBadass AnaBadass Oct 30, 2016
Did I accidentally click on one of the smuts again? 
                              God damn it Ana, keep it together your family is right next to you.