Drawing Book

Drawing Book

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Campe Diem By TheGamingOtaku Updated 4 days ago

lOoK aT thE NeWEr sTuFF inStEAd oF tHe OlD pLeAse

This is just a book of some of my drawings and sketches. I am a beginner so sorry if they are a little messy.
Age: 11-12 :)

Art Styles:
Chibi (at beginning)
progresses into anime
progresses into animeish realisticish
personal art style tHaTs iN dEvEloPmEnT
a bit of shading

i dO tHiS wAY tOo mUcH

ddiscordd ddiscordd Apr 03
(also, to make your linework a little better, don't remove your pen from the paper too much, if your hand's wobbly, just practice lines on a piece of paper)
                              *is getting ready to burn my drawings cuz they're crap*
I can't physically but mentally(only) draw animated characters.
stylespumpkin stylespumpkin Nov 11, 2016
me: *sees drawing* oh wow
                              me: *jumps out of window* bye bítches
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Oct 19, 2016
It's pretty and amazing but I hate Lucy cuz she ruins all my tops and she's depicted as a slüt. Get away from my gratsu/stingue/fraxus.
grumpycat14 grumpycat14 Sep 23, 2016
Hi amber, it is Stella
                              I just joined wattpad
                              So exited I found you