Førest Fic

Førest Fic

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"The rain," Tyler says.

Josh nods, slowly.

"It's like..." Tyler pauses, searching for the word.

"Crisper," Josh says.

"Exactly," Tyler says, nodding.

"Almost like..." Josh frowns, "red? Maybe?"

"Mostly," Tyler says. "With a hint of orange."

"Orange, right." Josh points at Tyler. "That's right. I keep forgetting that one."

"A lot of things are orange, though," Tyler says, frowning.

"Not where I'm from," Josh says darkly. "Everything's just blue-black there."
some parts of this story some people may or may not find triggering!! if you do I'm telling you now before you read! this is a sad story so beware aswell for that, there's also some smut! ;);)and finally I wanna say that this isent my story in anyway!!! I haven't put anything to help whoever wrote this story! it is tottaly all they're work and I respect that! I put the link to the original story incase you guys wanna go support them aswell! be sure to read the authors notes after the chapters aswell! thank you::))ALSO,, this story is joshler, sooo if you don't enjoy joshler than please don't read on!! 

So many people told me to read this and I kept refusing until now. This was really really good!!
brinamh brinamh 6 days ago
This story gets me every time. Thanks for putting it up here, I would've never of known the amazing tragedy if it weren't for you, so thanks. This has never seized to fill me with emotion; mostly sad ones.
andybiersackizbae andybiersackizbae 4 days ago
I used to say u want to die before I'm older, but because if u I might think twice
alondra59118 alondra59118 5 days ago
So many Josh dun pins in the comments. I guess you could call them dun puns
trashyyyyyy trashyyyyyy a day ago
Re reading this and I forgot how savage his was mom is like damn son