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Elizabeth Reyes By elizabethreyes__ Updated Jun 24, 2016

Coming off the worst divorce in the history of marriages, Nellie Gamboa's looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect. When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot boxing stud, Abel Ayala, finally peak, she makes him an offer no man would refuse.

No promises. No demands. Just pure unrestrained passion.

Abel's training for the biggest fight of his career. He has no time for a social life, much less a relationship. So this arrangement couldn't be more perfect. A beautiful woman asking him to help her alleviate her neglected desires-no strings attached. What more can he ask for?

As the lines between lust and something much deeper, begin to blur, Abel finds himself in an even bigger fight.

The fight to regain control of his now demanding heart.

Adult Contemporary - This is a EXTENDED  SAMPLE  you are about to read. It is intended for mature readers due to its sexual content and language. It literally starts with a bang and  may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion. Chapters will be uploaded periodically.

CatKitty12 CatKitty12 Jul 26, 2016
Roni and Noah are married :D (I didn't read Gio after Noah since I didn't like the plot, so I dunno if they were already married)
vividlyshywriter vividlyshywriter Oct 10, 2016
ygisela10 ygisela10 Jun 23, 2016
I just finished Noah and felt empty for a bit until I saw this!!! Nellie and Abel are gonna be great together
AvonRussell AvonRussell Jan 30
Miss r mistress Reyes please allow mi to read the rest of this book I can't afford to paid for it
your_mother545 your_mother545 Oct 16, 2016
This wasn't even chapter one yet, and they already got down and dirty
foreverinink foreverinink Sep 14, 2016
New reader... `I hope you have all night because what I have in mind is going to take that long` and with that I`ve no doubt about it fallen in love with Abel!