The Apocalypse. (Markiplier X reader)

The Apocalypse. (Markiplier X reader)

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YouTube Sydney By MarkimooFanSydney Updated Aug 05, 2017

*your pov* 25 years old

I walked quietly through the store, knowing full well someone was there with me. If I didn't know any better I'd shoot him right between the eyes. But noise attracts unwanted attention from.. Them..

The guy grabbed a can of soup off the shelf. I inched closer, my machete pointed towards him. Then I got a better idea.

I grabbed a rag out of my pocket. Probably has guts all over it, but I'm not the one who should be concerned about it.

With no warning I jumped out and put the rag to the mans mouth. He started screaming, but they were muffled out by the rag.

But the screams didn't last long. Now I admit that this was a stupid plan, to put the rag over his mouth so he wouldn't attract walkers, or zombies. He was much bigger than me and much stronger. 

He grabbed my arm and just before he attempted to break it, he noticed I was a person, and not one of them. 

"Stop!! No!!!" I whisper yelled.

"Hey!! Shut up!!" He said. He had a really deep voice. 

That and sc...

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HawkplaysHorror HawkplaysHorror Jul 19, 2017
Lalalalala, gonna kill some zombies cuz we are da bad assses!
Lunai_ianuL Lunai_ianuL Sep 14, 2017
Won't the dog get infected since the zombie ate it as well though..?