The Unwanted Return~ A Zanvis fanfic

The Unwanted Return~ A Zanvis fanfic

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Zane ran, ran as fast as possible. The breath of his lungs tightened as he was starting to lose air, he passed through several trees, hearing demands for him to come back, he ignored them. Falling down off a small cliff and rolling down the ground, standing up as fast as possible he threw his hands around, passing through the bushes, where he fell more. Until at the point where he knew his legs are all bruised. 

He shoke his head up, seeing a huge dark castle. With out much option, he didn't care how it got there or if it was there even, he needed to take shelter, he stormed through. Sprinting to the silver dark gates and opening, instantly closing them before rushing down the road to the castle. It looked abounded, Zane let out a deep sigh.

What could get so bad?

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Wow im already even imagining travis saying that in a way he talks to katelyn on mystreet before love love paradise started XD