Cute Little Monsters

Cute Little Monsters

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exodusbulletproof By exodusbulletproof Updated Jun 20, 2017

Suho got a cute little lamb from China.

Kris got a sassy wushu panda.

Sehun got a pretty hyperactive deer that drives him crazy.

Kai got a squishy fluff ball of a penguin.

Chanyeol got one hell of a diva puppy.

Chen got an adorable sneaky cat.


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My_Baby_Boy My_Baby_Boy May 10, 2017
Why did I just imagine a little lamb dancing on two legs while dabbing?
Suho had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Suho had a little lamb and I don't know the rest of the song
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko Jun 18, 2017
Suho had a little lamb
                              Little lamb
                              (Who was really a unicorn)
                              Suho had a little lamb
                              Who preformed healing tricks
KpopTrash-Potato KpopTrash-Potato Dec 25, 2017
Suho, u r stupid. Remember on the letter it said, after blah blah blah he will change, and I guess author-nim actually made him change
soufiyyah soufiyyah Jun 04, 2017
No vegies for yixing. Cause that will make him less cute.🌚🌚🌚
exoalexarmy exoalexarmy Apr 09, 2017
The only story besides this little lamb story was of these guys in mexico who were being chased by one in its hind legs ... pretry creepy but yeah