The Johnson's (MenxBoy)

The Johnson's (MenxBoy)

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Mekhi. By Mekzuri Completed

Please don't read ANY of these chapters if you are under the age of 18. These scenes are very explicit and contain more profanity than I would normally use in a story.

This doesn't have a.... main plot I guess? Just some really freaky stuff that run through my head quite often.

If you guys want to give me a sex scene idea I will surely dedicate the chapter to you. It will be marked as completed but hopefully I'll be able to add more to it.


Currently the story is about a man (you can make up a name for him) who is sexual active with two brothers, Buddy and Benny. And he is enjoying being able to have the both of them at his disposal.

KaySetonks KaySetonks Sep 21, 2016
So now buddy tells him that benny already knows that he is with him as well and doesn't mind, so lovrr boy can carry on having them both!
KaySetonks KaySetonks Sep 21, 2016
Well that went well, you just got caught witha great sexy hunk and got away with it, you lucky, lucky boysM
Boysluvlollipops Boysluvlollipops Dec 22, 2016
Well damn i knew it was gonna be freaky just didnt except to jump right in to it but hey im not complaining