And Shoot The Sun [Brallon]

And Shoot The Sun [Brallon]

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Sequel to "Why I Don't Smile [Brallon]"

"It doesnt just go away when someone tells you they love you, Brendon."

Trigger Warnings still apply. 
You matter more than any stupid fanfic, please take care of yourself.

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blurrytrapdoor blurrytrapdoor Dec 28, 2017
Dally boi stop please you look so effing cute and every time I see a picture of you it just cures my day.
blurrytrapdoor blurrytrapdoor Dec 28, 2017
Bîtch you better not cheat on Dallon or else I’ll frekin kfndkjddkid
beebokilledme beebokilledme Nov 19, 2017
Spence my son
                              THAT MEANS I'M DALLY'S GRANMA THAT' SO COOL
This is so weird cause I just read a story where Zack fired Dallon for dating Bren
GerardPatrickBrendon GerardPatrickBrendon Dec 21, 2017
American Idiot
                              Idiot Nation
                              Sorry I'm a massive Green Day fan
KingOfHell_Lucifer KingOfHell_Lucifer Jul 20, 2017
                              IF YOU LOVE MD YOU'LL LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOO
                              ILL NEVER LET GO JACK- Said rose but failed to do that