Call Me, Master (Bdsm) (BoyxBoy)

Call Me, Master (Bdsm) (BoyxBoy)

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Bianca-chan By bianca010 Updated a day ago

Kyle, was an ordinary boy, perfectly content with his life. One day, however, out of curiosity he searched up the meaning of Bdsm. 

To say he got sucked into this lifestyle, was putting it nicely, he became obsessed and tried every website there was to discover the perfect Dom.

Almost to the brink of giving up, as a last attempt, he went to a infamous club called, Insanity.

There he meets a rather enticing Dom,  the perfect match for him. It's also a plus that, Derek, finds him particularly intriguing and asks Kyle to be his Sub.

Kyle accepts much to Derek's pleasure.

What has Kyle set himself up to? And is online training enough to get him by without punishments?

(Plot is mine, no stealing!)

Caramel-luver-lol Caramel-luver-lol Dec 14, 2016
....this guy could be part flipping dolphin and you just "accepted" to his kinky underwater playtime, but you wouldn't know this cuz you didn't take the time to meet the guy! Le sigh, introductions are important too :/
shadowthecat13 shadowthecat13 Dec 24, 2016
Okey,let's jump right into it *settles down in reading chair, grabs popcorn* ready for the long haul!
So casual... "okay yep, your mine now... and um... yeah say goodbye to mr.fluffy your moving in with me now." "Okay." XD lol
My brain was not given enough time to comprehend the last thing you said
There should be a comma after "count" because you are addressing him with that name (not trying to be a bitch)
I only came here to tell you that you use way too many commas where they are unnecessary, and then no commas where they are necessary