Fairy Tail Lemons

Fairy Tail Lemons

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♡Grayza & Rogura♡ By FTGrayzaLover Updated Aug 10, 2016

Literally, it's the title. Fairy Tail Lemons.

(R E Q U E S T  A R E  O  P  E  N)

Note: I'm horrible at writing lemons ~.~
Also! Don't read if you don't like smut, lemons, and yeah... (18+) or read at whatever age you like.

Literally I've gotten like so many request lol whoever knew my lemons were actually good :/ lol enjoy!

  • fairytail
  • lemons
  • romance
not when you cum inside without protection
                              BITCH YOU GONNA BE A FATHER
AyeItzJett AyeItzJett Jul 19, 2017
Can ya do a Gale one? Gajeel and Levy. Ive seen pics and they're the main smut couple *smirks*
AnimeLoverAndMore AnimeLoverAndMore Apr 02, 2017
Umm can u do 
                              Jellal x Lucy punishment LEMON hardcore 
                              Mystgon x Lucy lemon hardcore
                              Mystgon x Lucy X Jellal lemon hardcore where the two boys fick the life out of Lucy 
                              And thx u I can't wait until u write this
AphmauFandomSoldier AphmauFandomSoldier Jun 23, 2017
Lucy and Cana COME ON YOUR BETTER THAN THAT unless Cana was drunk but I can expect it from Juvia
JoaquinEnamorado JoaquinEnamorado Oct 28, 2017
all Nalu shippers freaking out hah sucks to ship Nalu doesn’t it? NALI4LYFE (btw I’m a Lolu shipper)
JoaquinEnamorado JoaquinEnamorado Oct 28, 2017
I bet you there are ones where they exaggerate and give all the guys like 20 inches have fun imagining that 😉