I Hate You // A Namjin Fic

I Hate You // A Namjin Fic

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.-. By MinYoongayyy Updated Oct 24

As Namjoon looked around the boy's room, he noticed a poster of T.O.P with hearts over it and an abnormal amount of pink everywhere. That's when he got a sudden thought. 

"Are you gay!?" Namjoon asked practically yelling. The outburst caught Jin off-guard, but he just laughed and nodded shyly, looking down. 

"Oh." He didn't know what to say. Namjoon wondered why he hadn't noticed it before, "I mean c'mon the guy wears really cute clothes and is extremely nice, almost too nice," He thought.

This is just a fanfiction in which I use idols' names and create a fictional stories based off of that. This is not an actual representation of their real personalities or lives. 

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Pink is his fav color Yoongay learn something instead of sleeping or gossiping BITCH!!!!!
sugarrssi sugarrssi Oct 16
If you didn't say it's Jungkook I'd probably thought that it was Hobie xD
xdentx xdentx Jul 08
Why you gotta be so rudeeee
                              Don't you know I'm human toooooo
sugarrssi sugarrssi Oct 16
It's like Namjoon and Yoongi exchange their personalities lmao