Kidnapped|Madara X reader

Kidnapped|Madara X reader

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queen_rinn By queen_rinn Updated Jun 02

Your an elite medical ninja from konaha who was sent out on a mission but you were abducted by a mysterious man who you later find out is Madara Uchiha.He compels you to stay there until you give him what he wants however, a long the way an interesting turn of events take place......

Contains lemon 

Please read, enjoy and comment

Every time I hear majestic, I think of mabel listening to soo's stomach.😂 I'm so messed up.
Zarine212 Zarine212 Mar 28
I remember one buzzfeed video on YouTube where Keith wears a frilly skirt n says "swing dem hips" I laughed so hard when I read swing my hips at the last line. 😂