It Was Always You (A Ricky Dillon fanfiction).

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I'm Alexandria Tyler. Alex for short. I'm a normal 18 year old girl, dreaming to be in a Broadway musical.
    I moved to California, to find plays or small roles in movies to act in with nothing but my best friend Jessica and our dreams. But chances at being in plays weren't the only thing I stumbled upon.
    I met Ricky Dillon, the internet-famous youtuber along with his 'Our2ndLife' friends, too. Who surprisingly live right across the hall from us. Crazy right?
    We hit it off, hanging out at cafes after my performances, recording videos together, goofing around on the weekends, even traveling together; just being the close friends we were.
    But then Dan Howell rolls up, another famous youtuber from London. He instantly won my heart, and we ended up in a happy relationship. But it didn't last long, as Dan ended the relationship leaving me feeling like a mess.
    And that made me realize how blind I was to what was really in front of me. Ricky had feelings for me, and I felt the same way. It wasn't Dan that I loved, it had been Ricky.
                                    ITS A LITTLE BIT PSYCHO (get it!)
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Lol for a second I thought that the plane stopped in the air and I was like AHHHH