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Yes! Yes! Yes!

Can you believe it?

Someone actually took the time to write my story!

All right, so it's written by some nobody that really wasn't there to see it, but they did write it!

It's a really cool tale, with monsters! And heroes! And weapons with strange powers! And battles, and blood, and death! And handsome men and beautiful ladies! 

Well, it's not really as much a tale about me as it is the story of my friend Joy. It's not true what they say about him these days. He's a nice guy, cute and upright. He was like that at first, anyway, before all those bad things happened to him. Yes, Joy did not really deserve any of that, poor guy.

What happens in the story is that there are a lot, hordes!, of big, ugly and really yucky monsters that want to take over the Phoenix Nest. They are so disgusting, you would not believe it! Far worse than this hack is able to get across.

Before that there was this Bluevein guy that really pulled one on Joy, or more than one I should say. We tried to stop him, and of course you can guess just how much luck we had there!? Yeah, that's when things start to go downhill. Go more downhill. Real steep, like.

Then there are the Witchbones, which is some truly creepy ancient evil kind of bad. Yes, that's where all the other truly, creep bad stuff comes from. So, writer, nice choice for a title if nothing else.

How it ends? We all know that, don't we? Let's not go there. It's bad enough that the fool who writes the story tries to pass themselves off as Joy and presents me as some kind of clueless airhead, we don't need to be reminded of how things turned out, thank you very much!

Just read it and try to look past all the horrible spelling, grammar, dialogue, descriptions and puns! And if you want something clarified, just ask me and I will sort it out for you. I will also try to point of all the places where this so-called writer messed things up. They are not few, I can tell you that!

__Crimsonspyder__ __Crimsonspyder__ Aug 02, 2016
I would reply on my profile, but my email is glitching and won't send :/ Thank YOU for voting!
LeRoxanyX LeRoxanyX Oct 12, 2016
Good story there is a nice little ring to it. Thanks for voting my first book! I really appreciate it!
snarkily snarkily Aug 06, 2016
Oh my goodness how did I not notice this sooner? The pessimist and the optimist make a humorous couple! I can't wait to keep reading. Well worth the vote!
RoryDark RoryDark Sep 30, 2016
Love the description of the golden dream as served by the dodgy pub!
memerina memerina Nov 18, 2016
It is so good, I can't believe it! The description is so real, the situation is literally playing in my head like a movie!
Fantasy3Maniac Fantasy3Maniac Aug 04, 2016
Wow, I really liked that. Great job,  told you I would love your story 😂 you defitnetly do a great job with capturing my attention, props for that. Can't wait to read more and figure out this story the main character is saddened by. Thumbs up...well vote 😂😄