My Mate is a Monster

My Mate is a Monster

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Sera and Nate's Story

The black wolf looked towards me after I gasped and his piercing green eyes stared into my bright blue ones. It felt as if time had stopped, and that the only people in the field were him and me.

After what seemed like an eternity, I saw him shift back and then whisper, "Mine."

  Started on 6/22/2016, Completed on 2/22/2017
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Usually that means this will  be   a nice ride, so im gonna risk it xD😉
Wow this is why I'm such a failure at the age of freaking 7 I could barely count till ten
Deep dark thoughts there.  Why do kids have to be corrupt in books at a young age.  I cry for all those kids.
My mom would've been like "JUST GET IN THE DAMN CLOSET PLEASE"