Too late? {Adrienette}

Too late? {Adrienette}

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╳尺乇ᗪ╳ By _Dameloup_ Completed

Adrien is force to live in America by his father but before he left Paris he finds out ladybug's identity. 5 year later he comes back to Paris, looking for his lady  only to he find out that she is married and pregnant....

What will our cinnamon roll do? Will he let her go? Or get her back? 

This a book full of jealousy and fluff love. Advice, there is a reason why this Book Adrienette, so don't freak out. ;) 


< I don't own any of this character, (only Pryor), they all belong to hawk daddy.                                          .      

> I only own the plot and also the cover. 


~ Nicki ^-^

LivieMagix LivieMagix Mar 10
i dont like this pryor guy...hes not perf for my little mari...adri is the onl one 4 her!! im afraid to know what will happen next
You wrecked my dreammmmssssss whyyyy you cruel perrsooon my otpppppp whyyyyyyy 😰😐😢
shortbeauty14 shortbeauty14 Sep 17, 2016
Dude.... Bro..... Ik tht Ur jelly........ But It was just a kiss...... 
                              ..... And lmao..... "but I'm Ur dork" 
                              Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Lmfao.... So cheesy bruh(the character and his line..... NOT THE AUTHOR!!!! ).... 😂😂😂😂
                              ... But still love it lol
shortbeauty14 shortbeauty14 Sep 17, 2016
I'm sorry fur laughing...... I'm a horrible human being 😹😹😹😹😹😹
                              Pryor your fired, you do not belong in the the LadyNoir equation