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Angst Queen By mistwolf34 Updated May 06, 2017

In this world there are two species of humans.

Normal and Winged. Normal people don't have wings, while Winged people have wings that show how demonic they are. The darker your wings are the more demonic you are. The brighter your wings are the more angelic you are.

And colorful wings are almost unheard of.

Tom and Matt move in with Edd. But is everything as simple as it seems

(an Eddsworld au fanfic collaboration between me and Nyannever)
(Cover by Me)

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CreepypastaKittyCat CreepypastaKittyCat Mar 11, 2017
I love his wings!!!!!!! Gggaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Fangirling
*Cough* his mom's a bowling ball and his dad is a pineapple *cough*
StarryIsLame StarryIsLame Mar 15, 2017
Mate??Wow...Is it normal to call your ftiend that?Because my friends and I call each other bitches and all that xD
Would it be cool with you if I borrowed the wings AU for a fanfic of mine? Its not for Eddsworld, and I'll try and switch things around about it so I won't be stealing your idea.
Vaylora Vaylora Feb 10, 2017
                              I don't mean to be rude, but it'd be nice if you could space the paragraphs? It's hard to pay attention if the paragraph is super long lol, especially with ADHD.
- - Nov 22, 2016
Matt: *Lays on couch* Draw me like one of your French girls! *poses*