Key to the Sun Dragon Slayer

Key to the Sun Dragon Slayer

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Crystal By CrystalFlames Updated Nov 06, 2014

Fairy Tail, has always been known for attracting the most kind, energetic, and not to mention power wizards from across all of Fiore. What they don't know yet, is that the worlds most mighty one of all has already joined their ranks. Her name? Lucy Heartfilia. 

Years ago, a choice was made for her. She lived all of her life believing it was the path she was chosen for. But one day, after Lucy completed the astonishing task of collecting all twelve Zodiac keys, something horrendous occurs.

Lucy loses so much that she loves, with not enough time to even say goodbye. Though, as one door shut, another opened. Most say that this is where her legend begins. 

Will Lucy be able to control the power she is given? Or will darkness consume her?

Avidya Avidya Apr 08, 2016
Eh, that kinda messed with the lore... Since the whole thing with Anna and Layla
otakulizzylover otakulizzylover May 21, 2016
girlyminer10 girlyminer10 Apr 28, 2016
ReikaWP ReikaWP Mar 12, 2016
*gasp* WENDY-san just shouted at NATSU-kun!!?! Does this declare a war or not?! Tell me or I'll grab my weapon! *flies away slowly <<-- not sure if it fits here*
comorade comorade Jan 07, 2016
Haha that's funny but I like to dream about anime sometimes or my friend as anime character
Nalu_lover4545 Nalu_lover4545 Feb 23, 2015
that how I feel.... in my dreams. .just kidding just kidding