Being with a Thug : Urban

Being with a Thug : Urban

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Being with a thug is just as risky as being with a serial killer, when Messiah gets mad, I don't know if he's gonna hit me, cuss me, fuss me, or leave and go to some hoe for comfort. Keeping him with me is a harder situation everyday. I love him, I do, but being with a thug is great also, he buys me any and everything, I have designer bags, clothes, jewelry, the whole nine, I don't mind, but wearing dirty money products will put you in a strange predicament, but I wear it, carry it, and smell like it almost everyday.

I doubt him when he comes home late, but the arguments turn into kissing, and the kissing turns into sex. I can say that sometimes I act up, just to get attention from him, because hes so committed to the money sometimes I feel like I'm competing against it, a ring? Naw I'm not getting that no time soon, but I know I love him and I'm not leaving no time soon, so I suck it up and live with it. I wanna prove to him I'm that ride or die chick, but in the world he's...

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ShaSha519 ShaSha519 Sep 22, 2016
I have the same problem with my bf he  gets angry eassy n I don't know wa to expect when he gets vex
WavyyGirlDee WavyyGirlDee Mar 04, 2016 go check out my book and vote and follow
issaqueennn issaqueennn Feb 25, 2016
so you dont know if he gone hit you girrrrl go on somewhere i woulda been left what i look like getting hit by a dude
Anee_jay Anee_jay May 18, 2016
Let me just... *sips ginger ale, cause my momma used the last packet of tea for work*
kiatowavy kiatowavy Dec 29, 2016
I been in the same situation it's hard being with a nigga when all they worry about is money it's a good thing and bad
royaljay21 royaljay21 Nov 06, 2015
All I read from that was "I don't know if he's gonna hit me". Baby goodnight! I wish a nigga would.