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Savanna By FixingGlitches Completed

It is the late 1700s, the height of the Atlantic Slave trade and the Dawn of the American war of independence.In the midst of such distress, Ada Femi, a young slave girl, ends up on the Lee plantation in South Carolina. Here she meets Carter Isaac,  a teenage boy who happens to change her life completely.  

Before you read this book I would like for you to know the huge place slavery holds in my heart. This story wasn't written to make anyone uncomfortable,but it was written to shed a light on the horror and joys that accompanied one of the worst,mast sale of human cargo in the world.

Warning: This book contains language and scenes that are intense for the time period.

Highest ranking: #3 in Historical Fiction

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This beginning is so intense I'm actually kind of scared to keep reading-nice job on capturing the moment
This is one of the most powerful pieces I have read on here. Your development of Ada so far is masterful. You have so much talent. Thank you for sharing your work with us! <3