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The ƖƇЄ ƘƖƝƓ and Hιѕ Ƥяιηcє | A SebaCiel AU

The ƖƇЄ ƘƖƝƓ and Hιѕ Ƥяιηcє | A SebaCiel AU

9.4K Reads 778 Votes 7 Part Story
『❝ᴷᵒᶤˢʰᶤᵗᵉʳᵘ❞』 By Ciel_the_Writer Updated Jan 25

A young boy by the name of Ciel Phantomhive was forcibly taken from his home at a very young age by a mysterious man with magical powers who calls himself "The Ice King". The boy struggles to survive in the cold conditions and serve his master, the Ice Lord Michaelis. After a few years of serving his master, does he come to realize he's not such a bad man after all?


❝ I'm glad that you're writing this story because I love it. I can wait for the next update! ☺️ ❞
→ @MissYaoi Unicorn

❝ This story is amazing 💙💙👌🏻👌🏻 ❞
→ @Twisted_Blood_Gem

❝ I'm fucking crying how are you so good at writing! ❞
→ @Memochan1234


NeoTheGreatAndShort NeoTheGreatAndShort Nov 25, 2016
I'm in a room full of my family and I almost burst out laughing
NeoTheGreatAndShort NeoTheGreatAndShort Nov 25, 2016
Stop please, my family is here and I can't keep a straight (or gay) face. They're all looking at me funny😂
dragon1assassin dragon1assassin Oct 03, 2016
Ahem do you mean QUEEN.😍😤😤
                              Leaves the room with both of them blushing.😳😳
                              *suddenly puts on sunglasses*😎
                              im the boss now b1tch b1tch b1tch.😎😎😎
makmakpanda makmakpanda Oct 05, 2016
The beginning up until the 'running down halls' sentence sounds like gym class tbh.
JojoSparkles JojoSparkles Aug 11, 2016
This is cool (get hehe *cough cough* ahem anyway *gathers le confidence to talk again* I love this story soo much!!
DemonKit DemonKit Sep 04, 2016
Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the......*inhales deeply*.... FLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRR....
                              Stahp it me. Now is not the time for this