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His Shifter (#Wattys2016)

His Shifter (#Wattys2016)

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Lauren Mchugh By MisLauren Completed

"Don't...", I shrink back into the wall even further as I try to get away. He comes closer so we are nose length apart. His breath is hot against my cheek as he lets out a low chuckle. His large hand finds its way under my chin as he pulls it up, forcing me to look at him. 

"Don't what kitten?", he smirks as he leans even closer to nibble on my ear. The breath in my throat hitches as I feel my heart explode. He must sense this as he breaths hotly on my neck. 

"D-don't do that", I breath heavily and curse myself mentally for stuttering. I hear a growl coming from deep within him and I freeze in fear. 

"Mine", he whispers.


10 years ago my entire species was wiped out in the war of supernaturals. It was a brutal war lasting over 5 years and almost brought supernaturals to the brink of extinction but all pulled out alive. Except for my Kind. At the time I was only a child and hadn't yet gotten my powers so I was able to survive, thanks to the humans who took me in. 

My name is Autumn Harris, age 17. I am the last of my kind, the last shape shifter. My species has the ability to shift into anyone or anything while being able to mask their scent to match what we shift into. This was why we were hated by most supernaturals as we were able to pretend to be them in body. But this helped me as I drifted from place to place. 

But that all changed when I met him. No matter how many times I shifted and changed my scent he always found me. 

His name Jayden Martinez, age 24. He is the werewolf king of King of rogues. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants and doesn't care what he has to sacrifice whilst doing it. He can captivate all girls straight or not with his rich brown hair and glistening ocean blue eyes.  His past is full of bitter hatred and pain but that doesn't stop him.

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