Clara Swan {Jasper Hale}

Clara Swan {Jasper Hale}

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DoctorWhoIsLife By Fastandfuriousbabe Updated Dec 04, 2016

Clara Swan is called to Forks by her dad when her little sister (by ten minutes) seemingly goes into a downwards spiral after a break up. Of course she's completely willing to do anything for her sister so she goes immediately. Bella has secrets that she has to keep but so does Clara. Will they both come out? What happens when the Cullens come back to town?

Starts in New Moon. 

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, just my characters. 
Second Disclaimer: I know Nina Dobrev plays Elena and Katherine in TVD but I'm pretending both characters don't really exist for now, or I'll change the actor for them (sorry). All the other characters will be the same though so don't worry. I only changed it because I think Nina Dobrev is a good face claim for Bella's sister in this story. Please don't kill me haha. I actually love TVD and TO so much x

sarahgmailcom sarahgmailcom Jul 23, 2016
Yes me toooo please go on writing and don't ever thonk of delating it again!!!◇♡♡♡
GiveYourHeartA_Break GiveYourHeartA_Break Sep 15, 2016
Ferternle twins, is same blood but don't look like each other.