What Momma Don't Know

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Cella Marie By lostyetfound Completed
The murder of Jessica was only briefly looked over and investigated. There was no trace of anything. No evidence of her dissapearence. The sadest part is that only TWO people know she was murdered. She was filed as a missing persons, presumed to have run away rom home to start a new life. Only her little sister, and her boyfriend know the truth. They know who killed her, and how her death was cleaned up. Find out what happens when one day someone passes over Jessica's file, and decides to look over again. After 10 years, can any justice be done. Or will the two responsble for her dissapearence live on with their only secret?
i love your story!! :o Please read mine?? Oh its called "The Day Christoffer Vargas Saved Me"
:O I love it! Wow. Simple prologue, but i love it!
                                    Its amazing!!
oooohhhh COOL. added to my  library! simple prologue but COOL. I love it
Absulutely Amazing! I was hooked since the 1st sentence! I enjoy paranormal stories like this and this is exactly it! PLEASE POST MORE!!!!!:)
well damn. "what Momma don't know, wont hurt her" Great beginning by the way:)
amazing start loved it very bloody start to end hope you post more you should read my story if you like my has a sex scene but havent written it yet one step at a time.