The Rejected Always Have Revenge (Rewriting)

The Rejected Always Have Revenge (Rewriting)

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Mia By alphafyers Completed

Nora is a girl who likes the background, the tries not to look good and keeps her head down and doesn't want to be noticed until she find her mate who rejects her for being a "human" what he doesn't know is she is a 250 year old original hybrid, multi billionaire who's also the strongest hybrid out of all the 6 originals,did i mention she's also a white werewolf, the only one of her kind. she wants revenge. lets just say "Don't piss of an original"

Ranked #2 in secondchance 14th July 2018

Ranked #114 in original on the 6th October 2018

Ranked #201 on the 4 December 2016

103 000 reads 17/09/2018

Cover done by the lovely @Icarus

  • alpha
  • badass
  • elemental
  • hybrid
  • love
  • mates
  • nora
  • originals
  • rejected
  • revenge
  • romance
  • secondchancemate
  • she-wolf
  • theoriginals
  • vampire
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  • whitewolf
  • witch
Temptress15 Temptress15 Jun 30, 2017
Let me order some pizza a get a guy like him to deliver he won't be leaving my house for a couple days
ains246 ains246 May 04, 2017
Wait this guy just watched teen wolf from the exact episode she was watching it from like what the hell and doesn't he have to get back to work
Mekdinaa Mekdinaa Aug 06, 2017
He's the pizza guy ???
                              Ohh please tell me he's hiding like her.....
                              Well not hiding but y'all know what I mean
King_Kammy King_Kammy Nov 28, 2017
😳 She has 5 PhDs and I can't even finish my English assignment on time...
alaznur alaznur Jun 19, 2018
Is this supposed to be a fanfiction about the tv serie the originals
Warning-Low-Battery Warning-Low-Battery Sep 20, 2017
What kind of pizza boy us this......
                              ......a sexy one.........