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Overwatch RP

Overwatch RP

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I'm a Dargon! By 8biteel Updated a day ago

Because I'm bored.. :|

Name: Mathew Maggio 
                              Age : 18
                              Species : human/omnic 
                              Gender : Male 
                              Personality : outgoing and knowledgeable, always willing to help
                              Weapon: has a shotgun that has a large spread, and a pistol sidearm that's fully auto 
                              Ultimate : gains 10 sec. Of invulnerability and can run faster
Name: John Morrison
                              Code name: Soldier 77
                              Age: 15
                              Species: Human/Omnic
                              Occupation: Savior of the weak
                              Gender: Male
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Ability: Same as his brother Jack. But can also flip gravity and has sticky and stun grenades
                              Appearence: Black Hair, one gold and one Emerald eye, wears
Sexually: straight 4 Angela
                              Abilities: shurikens cyber abilities, can wallclimb and double jump swift strike sends Genji forward with his sword: resets after one kill reflect: it's what it sounds like
Name: Genji Shimada
                              Code name:Genji or Sparrow
                              Age: green
                              Species: cyborg
                              Ocupation: ninja dude and a wanderer
Keinshine Keinshine Mar 26
Name: Kiyoshi Shimada
                              Species: half human Half cyborg
                              Personality:cool, fierce, sometimes a hothead, awkward,
                              Appearance: can i tag u?
                              Weapon: tag u pls?
WesPaul16 WesPaul16 Mar 03
                              Kind ruthless
                              Black hair yellow dragon eyes
                              A bow and arrow and throwing stars
                              He shots an arrow that turns into a certain type of dragon
                              He is the youngest shidmada and he likes Velvet