Painting The BadBoy ✔

Painting The BadBoy ✔

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Every story needs a main character. Ours is Valencia Morgan, a not-so-perfect girl living in her not-so-perfect, yet satisfying world.

And every story needs a cute guy too, am I right ladies? That would be Dani- all cigarettes and cocky remarks, along with a pocketful of trouble.  

And because the plot just wouldn't be interesting enough,  let's throw in a bunch of humor, a whole lot of drama and just a little bit of tears. 
Wait, there's also a unicorn that poops skittles somewhere in there. 

Mix those all together, and what do you get? The assurance of their worlds colliding, new possibilities, and a whirlpool of romance that just might turn their lives upside down.

Cover image credits go to the rightful owners! :)

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MorgulXIII MorgulXIII Aug 22
I had to memorize that for English, The more you memorized the higher grade you got.
OK, this book is good, but just had to read it for summer reading and had a really hard test plus an essay so currently, I'm so annoyed
khuyalei khuyalei Jul 23
It was the age of wisdom
                              It was the age of foolishness
                              It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of something 
                              That’s all I remember.
alyssa4sc alyssa4sc Jul 25
Am I ready to go through a 73 chapter book? Am I supposed to be up right now? ...nope. Is it almost midnight? ...yep. Am I still gonna read the book? ... YEP!
DeadlyxSins DeadlyxSins Jul 23
Omg that’s my name ! It’s just spelled differently !! 😍😍
I read the “what in Jesus name do u get?” Then I read the copyright and died😂😂😂is not even that funny