Homestuck: not from this world

Homestuck: not from this world

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Sabrina Dreyer By konan720 Completed

*warning: do to me writing at such a last hour, there will be a lot of bad grammar. So if you don't like that. Don't read it. No I'm not going to fix it.

You have been warned*

Description: Well this does not happen every day. One day your on you way to some place, then the next thing you know, people come out of our computer from a vary popular web comic..... And When I mean people I mean trolls. Yup, homestuck trolls. Half of the twelve. Im sabrina, or also known as konan, im 14 soon to be 15 and this is how The story starts......  Warning major randomness (sooner other trolls and kids will come into the story)

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same im not even a small been im just tall and skinny and ver oh so very clumbsy i can relate to tav falling down the stairs though i dont think he ran into walls...
*puts hand on hips*
                              "DaRe I eVeN aSk??"
                              WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? SHAKESPEARE
*tilts head down and looks up over glasses*
                              U WANNA TEST THAT THEORY?
CCsInfiniteLoops CCsInfiniteLoops May 21, 2017
Wow you really are too lazy to fix things
                              (I heard about this story from a friend without an account some time ago. He doesn't like creating accounts for stuff. However, I finally got around to created a Wattpad account since I still can't really figure out
PuppyCake47STTCarrot PuppyCake47STTCarrot Oct 14, 2017
It is real, but no one sells it near me. Can anyone tell me what stores they sell it in in america? I live in Virginia.
randomluvingchild randomluvingchild Dec 01, 2017
Sadly no Wal-Mart has faygo but ivr had faygo and I still have the bottle it now holds chopsticks