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A Thief's Tale.

A Thief's Tale.

9K Reads 88 Votes 8 Part Story
Croc By croc-abdl Completed

Author's Note:

I wrote this story on the day; taking me under five hours to complete.

Story Synopsis:

19-year-old layabout Jack Silver is known to the local community and to the police as the local 'Thief in the night'. 

Being kicked out of college months earlier; and not been able to take his diploma exam; Jack turned to petty crime.

Jack's mother Shirley meanwhile has been dating the local 'honest' police sergeant: Tom Cole on-and-off for nearly two years now. Tom is very much in love with Shirley and wants his very own 'Perfect Family' - On his own terms; the problem for Jack is, there's only one way to please Tom: and that's Tom's way...

His partner in crime Rosie also gets her just desserts...

31 Pages - 8 Chapters

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