Smile For Me

Smile For Me

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hell-o By mangofruit_ Updated Oct 09, 2016

One day, an akumatized person tries to attack Marinette. She feels hopeless, since she's not her alter ego, who is Ladybug. The one she loves, leave her alone in danger. She closes her eyes, so does her life.

But, the superhero, Chat Noir, saved her. At that moment, she fell out love from Adrien, and fell in love for Chat. 

"Chat... Thanks." She smiled to the one and only, Chat Noir.

That smile, became a picture in his mind. 

And it won't get out of his head. 

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#420 in Fanfiction 27/8/16

lol I say this to my family all the time. "Love ya, see ya, BYYEEE."
I was all confused, and then I was all like, "BAHAHAHAHAH!!" 
Now here comes the queen of stuttering Marinette
                              And the king of stuttering Chat Noir
When the waiter says 'enjoy your meal' and you reply 'love you too'... (   ._. )
Now adrinette can't happen and neither can lady noir 🙁.  They can't both be in one form to like each other, they have to be one and the other 🙁. I'm probably the only person who is upset about this though
And that ladies and gents is how you don't write an interaction between two people