Tell Your Heart to Beat Again || Outlaw Queen

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again || Outlaw Queen

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Grace By gallifreyanfairytale Updated Dec 31, 2016

A drunk driver. An old car. A black dress. A lifeless body laying in an open coffin. 

That's all that Regina cares to remember about the day her fiancé died. Her heartless mother could only manage to give Regina unwanted pity, so she turned to her sister, Zelena for comfort. The two became closer than ever, but Zelena was whisked away to England for work, and Regina was once again left alone. She somehow picked up the pieces and managed to put her life back together, but she only ever felt like a ghost, drifting through life without purpose. But when Zelena comes home with her client, Robin, and her boyfriend, Arthur, Regina's life is flipped on its head.

But will she learn that it's okay to let her heart beat, or will she forever be haunted by the memories of her past and the grudges she has held for years?


Based on ABC's 'Once Upon a Time', but set in a non-magical world. I do not own Once Upon a Time or any of the characters, only the plot line. The title is based off of the song 'Tell Your Heart to Beat Again' by Danny Gokey. I do not own the song either.

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AllisonLahey9 AllisonLahey9 Sep 03, 2017
Bt the way does anyone k ow hows to talk to a person wbo wants to commit suicide? Cause I'm  terrified right nlw 😭😢
CakeQueen81904 CakeQueen81904 Jun 23, 2016
This is so sad but i am glad that Zelena and Regina are getting along like real sisters [except for the moving away part].
KaraSethyy KaraSethyy Jun 25, 2016
My heart breaks for Regina😭 But it's all good cause soon Robin will fix it☺️
OriginalBeliever OriginalBeliever Jun 23, 2016
I may or may not have squealed when I saw the notification for this book. Anyways, this was really good. I'm just sad that she's all alone for the time being.
allycorine allycorine Jun 23, 2016
This is amazing so far!!!! I can't wait for the next update!!!
OuatBookworm OuatBookworm Jun 23, 2016
For a minute I forgot that Robin is alive. That her fiancé is someone else