BBRae- In Paris

BBRae- In Paris

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VeiLu 4evs! By Sapphire228 Updated Jan 09

Beast Boy and Raven was arguing everyday in their lives. Physically or Mentally, they didn't care if they got hurt. One day, it became worst and the other Titans has successfully stopped them but ended up locking themselves in their room.

They were in their rooms in a month. They didn't ate nor coming out for crime as it is just doctor light. Robin got angered by the two but he didn't want to kick someone so he had a planned. One trip to the city of love, their lives will be changed.

Will they be ended up together or they're argue will get worst?

Why did BB became so nasty? What reason is it?

To find out more, read the story. This time it's happen after the episode, 'Things Change'

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DarKrysKyd DarKrysKyd Sep 22 it just me or it looks more like a girl than a boy?
SophiaAlyssaLuceroMa SophiaAlyssaLuceroMa Jul 03, 2016
Not Terra-ble...Only Terra is Terra-ble...Notice the name...hehe
Garnet_Reynes Garnet_Reynes Aug 09, 2016
Talking about puns, I've got another terrible one: Terra might be terra-ble, but can you imagine someone called Terry Ball?
                              *shoots herself*
tdm-hamilton-phans tdm-hamilton-phans Aug 19, 2016
hehe... i thought that when it said ,''pinned to the wall" they were gonna look at each others eyes and make out...
                              I don't have a dirty mind... just a sexy imagination XD