Diabolik Lovers Lemons

Diabolik Lovers Lemons

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DiabolicMinds By DiabolicMinds Updated Apr 13

Okay, yeah, I have a thing for this anime, (who am I kidding, this anime ruined my life...). Anyways, I've started reading some lemons, one of which was by Dark_Angel_Creeps (who is fucking AWESOME by the way). Yeah, her's is my favorite. I'm obsessed with her lemons, I've only discovered it just last night and I've already reread those lemons about eight times.... not the point, moving on! But after reading it... a lot... still not the point, okay after reading it, it inspired me to make my own. So I apologize if these suck or whatever, (this is my first lemon series after all, and I've never had sex so what would I know (you watch anime and live in your room go figure)), sorry I'm getting way off topic here.

THE POINT IS, I'm making these lemons, and you don't have to like it, or even read it if you don't want to, I don't care. But thank you if you do, and I really hope you enjoy it, but if you don't whatever. Also, I wanted to give a shout out to Dark_Angel_Creeps and say thank you! This is dedicated to her!

COPYRIGHT ISSUE THING: I do not own this anime or any of these characters in Diabolik Lovers.

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Sorry but I always skip the intro. He he... Pretty much I skipped this whole entire chappie. Sorry!
Why I love the dudes:
                              Shu: my lazy spirit animal
                              Reiji: glasses. Anime characters in glasses are just...(´∀`)
                              ayato: Oreo
                              Liato: fadora and perv spirit animal
                              Kanato: EVERYTHING
                              subaru: toyota
KomaedaCR KomaedaCR Jul 30
So is your attitude along with your ability to read emotions
Do I look like the little mouse that prepares its self for your dinner?
Saucy161 Saucy161 Nov 17
Oh my what happened here. Subaru-kun must really have a lustful side after all. >:)