Guns And Roses|Book One✅|

Guns And Roses|Book One✅|

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"You're just a girl Andrea! Girls are weak, they bitch at everything, and you can never handle the responsibility of a gangleader" Danny chuckled.

That's where your wrong...
Andrea Michael's is a soon-to-be-gangleader with no tolerance or patience whatsoever. She isn't like most girls only because of her recent gang activities and crimes.

Rowan Oliver is a gangleader of the most known gang in California 'The Vipers'. Love is weakness and that's completely true. Rowan being the player and man whore he is, he just can't live with the fact that he can get all the girls except for one that just won't budge.

Will they become enemies? Or will they become lovers?


COMPLETED December 19, 2016

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mimi_mic mimi_mic Sep 29
You're literally like her best friend and you see them kiss and her sit on his lap ,what yah think before.friends with benefits?
mimi_mic mimi_mic Sep 29
yeah,in all the books and movie i have read and watched mc never attacks first and i'm like
                              bish can you just fight already!!
itsyagirlalanah itsyagirlalanah Jul 19, 2016
Is Rowan a gang leader to is it carson I bet Rowan is a gang leader right ?
XxRiah916Xx XxRiah916Xx Sep 27, 2016
OMFGGGGGGG 💀💀💀💀💀💀 why I died laughing!! I thought he was going to say something bout' responsibilities  👉👉