Unusual (Makoto x Male!Reader)

Unusual (Makoto x Male!Reader)

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DeliveryBoI By Hide_Nagachika_TG Completed

(M/n) (L/n) is new to Iwatobi High, and through his old childhood friend, he meets many new people, and one person in particular whom he would love to call his partner. Through their ups and downs, Makoto and (M/n) become closer together and eventually admit their feelings. Running away with your older brother at a young age when you have very powerful parents doesn't always end in a good way.

 I do not own Free!, any of it's characters, or you. Read more to find out what this is about. Thank you and enjoy!

·:Started| July 7, 2016:·
·:Ended| Aug 22, 2017:·

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TheDumbo TheDumbo Jan 04
Me: OK!
                              //five minutes later//
                              Me: *floating face first in the water*
CirceGorgon CirceGorgon Jul 28, 2017
I'd prefer to stay in the locker room and watch the guys get changed ;))))))))))))
KimKimKimmerz KimKimKimmerz Apr 16, 2017
My real name is kimberley, and I use kim as my male name, but kim is more feminine, but im a boy in this story... coincIDENCE??!?!?!?!?
theshippingone theshippingone Mar 27, 2017
I read it as "I hope we get wet together" or "I hope we're wet alone together" I have a weird mind
TheDumbo TheDumbo Jan 04
Me: *takes sandwich*
                              Nagisa: w-what?!
                              Me: you woke me up, i deserve this.
ElizaHerrera12 ElizaHerrera12 Jul 31, 2017
Kou: call me KOU!
                              Nagisa: Go
                              Kou: KOU
                              nagisa: Go
                              Kou: KOU
                              Nagisa: Kou
                              Kou: GO
                              Kou: ARGG
                              Nagisa: HA! YO butt just got looney tooned.