Chat Noir X Reader

Chat Noir X Reader

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Dad said moving to Paris would be nice. Colors everywhere, and lively people. Well, the color I saw was from weird magic, and the lively people were posessed by butterflies. Yeah. But, there are some cool people (Sorta). My new bff that blogs during dangerous situations, a cute model that is like a dream come true, and a guy in a cat suit that tells dad puns. Uh huh. But here's the cool thing.

I'm not the only Miraculous user anymore. 

(Um, hi. Author here. For those who may be wondering, Marinette is not in this story. Since this story is about you, you get to be friends with the people she knows, and live through her adventures.. Enjoy the fights alongside Chat Noir!)

(Oh yeah, and its not going to be exactly like one of the episodes. I WILL be changing things. And there are some surprises)

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OMG THX I WOULD LIKE TO THANK, {rest of speech and rest of speaking because I'm lazy} and now, I am handing the microphone off to Y/N!!!
AuthorX662 AuthorX662 Sep 21
Don't worry. Keep writing there might be something inside of you that will become your passion.
AngieDelPig AngieDelPig Nov 08
I got a dragon?!?? Imma name him(it’s going to be a him) Festus!!
I actually wrote a story in my note/stories book (I write myself fantasies all the time!) That my miraculous transformation was a dragon! Lol I would've been a dog but cats hate dogs so that wouldn't work or a turtle but there is already one so yap lol I'm talking too much HALP!!!
Accio__Book Accio__Book Oct 16
Thanks!! Honestly I find it hard work to create a nickname for my hero I'm not that creative.. 😂👍💙