Percy Jackson and the Armies of Chaos ~ Complete

Percy Jackson and the Armies of Chaos ~ Complete

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After Gaea was defeated, Percy Jackson looked forward to settling down at Camp Halfblood, and living a normal- or normal by demigod standards- life. But when he is betrayed by all of his friends, he is torn apart, and Chaos comes to claim him for his armies. He vowed to never go back to Earth, but when the Order rises, his sense of duty forces him to return to Camp Halfblood.

(This is a Chaos story, but I tried to come up with explanations for things, no random 'Oh, Annabeth cheated on Percy for no reason!' And I tried to keep the personalities, but if I change them to much, please tell me)

I do not own the cover image. I do not claim it as mine. 

I do not own Percy Jackson, or any of the characters that Rick Riordan created. No plagiarism intended.

Some of the ideas in this fanfiction (such as the mating bond- the dawn, day, and night groups- and the idea of Era being Fae) are inspired by Sarah J Maas's books, the Throne of Glass series, and the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. No plagiarism was intended. I do not claim that I am the original creator of those ideas. So credit to Sarah J Maas for some of the ideas in this fanfiction. I am just using the ideas, they are not my original concepts.


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( old Man In white van) : hay kids, y'all know that's not true, now come to the back of my van for some ice cream😏
v3Olympus v3Olympus Mar 26
No offence to you, it probably won't be the same story everyone comes up with...But I have to say no matter what there are still many stories out there that sound almost the same.... I'm hoping for the best though....
Guess who's  back, back again , percy's back, stalking freinds
superwho666 superwho666 May 02
Ooohhh dude! Especially with this part, I love how you're writing this story!
krunchaa krunchaa Apr 24
Order is a woman, Chaos is a woman, and End is a man.  Just putting that out there.
panikola panikola Mar 22
if this one is like the others that he will come back to earth and help demigods and forgives annabeth im going to kill myself:|