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The Dragon Tails

The Dragon Tails

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TheDragonWriter By JJHays Updated Feb 07

#251 in Short Stories

Every dragon has a story, but not every dragon has a voice. So, for historians; like myself, to tell a dragon's story we must look for their voice; essentially their Rider.
This is told from the Rider's point of view, some in first, others not, but each one conveys the struggle of what a Rider had to mentally and physically go through to build an unbreakable bond with their beast.
The Rider's/dragon's stories are all told here: Mandy and Sky, Eaton and Nyx, Astrid and Fletcher, Ashley and Ghost, Alex and Spencer, Filly and Celestial, Damitri, Felix and Willow, Roxanne and Raid,  Sam and Ike, Roarian and Crowe, and Rayn and Ransom.
This also includes some exclusive stories of the Dragon Lord Flame and his adventures with Kati the Witch of Dragon Island.
                         -beware of these; there are some dragon love/romance in them. :P
Some tails will be longer than others and some might just be one short (or long) chapter. I'm not giving a whole life story, just a little glimse into the lives of these Riders when they first found their dragons.
There's also a rare list of The First Dragons of Fantasy inside. Take care, not many get to read that information.

                 - The Historian

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