I was born a Rouge

I was born a Rouge

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Katy was turning 16 years old. Katy lived in a pack of rouges, her parents being the Alpha and Luna. Katy's twin brother, who was born 3 hours before her, was next in line for the Alpha position. Katy found out that her wolf was the rare red wolf. There hadn't been a rare red wolf in thousands of years. Katy must keep it a secret to keep her friends, family, and pack safe. Suddenly, a pack of rouges had attacked her pack. Katy was the only survivor and was on the run. To make it worse, they knew about Katy being the rare red wolf. When Katy runs into someone's territory and finds out her mate is the Alpha, will she tell him about her wolf? What happens when the Alpha finds out that Katy's parents were the Alpha and Luna of a rouge pack and that she was born in it? What happens when the pack is attacked by the same wolves that were trying to kill her, and Katy refuses to shift?

Zach is the Alpha of the Alpha Star Pack. When his third-in-command, Roberto, mind-links him to inform there was a female rouge on his territory, he heads towards Roberto and his Beta, Benny. When he finds out that his mate is the female rouge, he accepts her as his mate and takes her to the pack doctor. How will Zach react when he finds out that Katy, his mate, was born in a rouge pack and her parents were the Alpha and Luna of the pack? What will Zach do when a pack of rouges attacks his pack, and Katy refuses to shift to help?

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Find out what happens to Zach and Katy in my new and first book; I was born a rouge

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