I'll Kill For You (Swapkill SansxReader) #Wattys2016

I'll Kill For You (Swapkill SansxReader) #Wattys2016

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Swapkill is an AU I made. It is Underswap but with a sick twist, everyone there is a relentless killer but not like Underfell. Monsters kill each other, but usually not their own family. Some things are the same in Undertale as well. Flowey and Temmie will be the same, same as Grillby and Muffet

But anyways, (y/n) falls down Mt. Ebott in 201x and enters the world of swapped killers. Everywhere (y/n) they see death, fighting, blood, and sometimes even body parts scattered around. 

(Y/n) tries to make friends with some of them but it's just to hard and impossible... but there is a certain skeleton who starts falling for her... 

Watch out I leave a million cliffhangers 

I didn't make the cover @AuthorWinchester did so check her out!

AWSOME! but I thought that it was temmie who did the killing in underswap.oh well, who cares great job anyways
I just remembered that this is swap. Wouldn't Temmie be there, not Flowey?
Moonspirit13 Moonspirit13 2 days ago
I am the daughter of saten and I was born in HÈLL * red goo comes out of eyes *
FormSans96 FormSans96 Oct 10
I did this too, In the swapuniverse it's tennis that's evil and want to kill you. Flowey has the village and the shop in waterfall.
I'm completely confused!?
                              Swapfell Underfell UnderSwap whaaa?
                              Which AU is this please tell me..
                              Sorry if I sound like I'm being rude I really don't mean to sound rude!
ddeisz ddeisz Oct 30
Talking trash?
                              ...I mean I'm here so I guess that answers that.