My Bully Fell For Me

My Bully Fell For Me

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Taehyung was not the prettiest when he was little. He was always bullied, but what if the bully had to move into another city? That means no more bullying. He is free from him, finally!

When Taehyung came to his teens, he became the most beautiful man that you could ever see.

But there is a surprise for him. And it's not a good one.

Denial of love, hopefully lot of drama and Kim Taehyung. 

Trigger Warning! If you are sensitive over for violence or anything with mature content, then please don't read this. 
If you do and it's offensive for you, then it's your own fault because you read it. You have been warned.

I'm sorry, but don't. 
Seriously, it's not nice, if I have to be honest. •-•