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Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

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percyjacksonpjohoo By percyjacksonpjohoo Completed

It was another day at camp-half blood I just got back from rebuilding my father's castle and as I was walking out of the ocean I saw her kissing that jerk Jason Grace I yelled "why did you do that I thought we were in love!" Then I went back to Poseidon castle and when I got there I said "dad she cheated on me with Jason." "What?" Was my dads response "that is in out rage, come on were going to Olympus." Then he teleported us there once there he concentrated and a minute later all the Olympians were there I bowed to them and Zeus asked "Poseidon why have you called this meeting?" Dads answer was...
Disclamer I don't own any characters they are owned by Rick riordan

I can totally imagine Percy on a television show and the host is like, "Can you tell us what happened?" And Percy is like rapid firing away
Beawitcher Beawitcher Feb 14
OMG Jason is not good enough to be kissing beautiful, perfect, wise and clever Annabeth! 0.0
I love in all the fanfictions, if Aphrodite blesses him, it isn't useful, it really is just, "YOU'RE HOTTER!"
thornjinx23905 thornjinx23905 Dec 30, 2016
Little piece of should start a new paragraph every time a new person speaks
if this is what a break up gets you... percy is living the life. he basically cannot die...
I read those titles so fast, I just imagined Poseidon talking like Rachel in The Titan's curse