One In A Million

One In A Million

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     "I honestly don't understand why I have to go live with him " I said placing clothes in my suit case.

"Because mani you need to go live in a new environment  and you've been fighting too much in school " my mom said helping me pack.

I rolled my eyes. 

"Ma WHEREVER I go I'm going to fight moving me to another state  really ain't gon ,help folks still gonna try me and I'm gonna go in they shit " 

She laughed a little " I know I always told you don't let nobody punk you around like they little bitch but fighting ain't gonna solve all your problems hun "

I sighed and sat on my bed " I know ma but you really ain't gotta make me go live with your ex husband and his people  " .

"Now armani that is still your father you can at least refer to him as dad "

"For what ? He ain't do shit but leave us that ain't no father in my eyes " I spat .

"Aye watch your tone with me " she said pointing her finger at me.

I sighed "I'm sorry it's just I really don't wanna go and I can't st...

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